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06 Nov 2023

Turning slurry from a liability to an asset

TT Pumps Ltd Hall: 19 Stand number: 320
Turning slurry from a liability to an asset
HBC Biocell - Pasteurised Hygienic Bedding

Environmental considerations are now at the forefront of slurry storage and distribution - what can be done to reduce the environmental impact of farm slurry and how will it affect a farmer's bottom line?

The Problem

Goodwin's Farm in Sussex, an 800-acre unit that is home to 700 cows, wanted a cattle bedding alternative that would utilise their slurry and reduce the amount held in on-site storage. This would not only free up space on the farm but also reduce the risk of any environmental damage occurring from leaks or the production of harmful ammonia gases.

The Solution

A HBC Biocell was installed on the farm, a complete solution that turns slurry into a hygienic bedding alternative for cattle. Complete with all of the equipment needed for effective slurry handling - chopper pumps, separators, hoses, level control, control panel and more - the biocell separates and pasteurises the solid part of slurry, meaning it is largely liquid slurry being sent to storage.

This slurry separation reduces the need for on-site storage and increases the quality of both the solid and liquid slurry content - the solids are utilised as a hygienic bedding alternative and the liquids can be used as an environmentally friendly fertiliser, recycling the slurry's nutrient-content for crop growth.

The Result

The client commented - “We both thought that the principle of pasteurised bedding was a very positive one, with 60% of our cubicles on sawdust and mattresses and the other 40% deep lying sand cubicles. Bedding was costing us 1.2ppl and we liked the idea of pasteurised bedding and the benefits it can bring as well as the cost savings.”

We initially dug out all deep lying beds and put everything on pasteurised bedding including dry cows. It has been a constant learning process from day one, in terms of how long to run the machine, the importance of using only freshly produced bedding for that day, how often to bed up, how much lime to use and how often to sweep the cubicles. We finally feel that we have the right routine for the bedding.”

What does go into the tower is now far more liquid and easier to pump. We have saved directly in bedding costs nearer to 1ppl.”

The benefits it has brought in terms of slurry management have been extensive.”

As well as the cost-saving benefits and environmental improvements to their slurry handling, the farm also saw a 30% reduction in slurry entering their slurry tower.

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