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Turn Your Slurry into Liquid Gold!

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Turn Your Slurry into Liquid Gold!
EASYFIX Slurry Technology

One of the most valuable products on farm is your slurry, and maximizing the value of that valuable resource is sometimes a challenge.
In recent years increased fertilizers costs have helped focus the mind on the value of slurry and the important role it can play on farm.

EASYFIX Slurry Technology has been on farms for over 20 years. Formally Ameram Aeromixer which EASYFIX acquired in 2021, the system has been refined and improved to meet the needs of the modern farmer.

The system is suitable for Beef, Dairy & Pig Manure and can be fitted to new or existing storage tanks.

The main benefits of the system are:

  • Increased Nutrient Values
  • Eliminates Agitation
  • Safety – No harmful gases released such as Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Reduces Ammonia by 51%
  • Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Costs

With no need for slurry agitation farmers have the flexibility to apply slurry when required as opposed to just emptying tanks when they are full.  

EASYFIX have been working with Farmeye for a number of years on our demonstration farm where we examine the important role of slurry. Farmeye are leaders in the area of soil health and nutrient management.

The farm is a 160 cow spring calving dairy farm located in the west of Ireland – Using Farmeye’s technology we were able to examine the soil health on the farm, develop a targeted nutrient management plan and using on farm slurry we were able to:

  • Reduce Chemical Fertilizer by 31%
  • Improve soil health
  • Increase soil carbon

A key part of the strategy was focused around better utilization of slurry on farm and with EASYFIX Slurry Technology we were able to optimize the use of slurry as it was available when needed without having to agitate it.

As farmers look towards ways of improving farm efficiencies and at the same time meeting the challenge to reduce emissions on farm, technology can and will play an important role.

EASYFIX Slurry Technology can reduce ammonia emissions by 51%* & methane by 54%. *(Wageningen University).

Looking ahead ammonia is likely to present a significant challenge as agriculture generally is responsible for over 90% of ammonia emissions. Land-spreading and chemical fertilizer account for around 40% of ammonia emissions. The use of low emission spreading and protected urea provide a solution to lowering ammonia in these areas.
Animal housing and manure storage accounts for 48% of ammonia emissions. Solutions such as EASYFIX Slat Rubber which reduces ammonia by 31% from flooring and EASYFIX Slurry Technology which is the only system on the market that when tested in Wageningen University in Holland reduced ammonia by 51%.

The important message for farmers is that while there are challenges ahead, the pace of technology is catching up and solutions that can deliver benefits to farmers and the environment are coming.

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