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03 Jan 2024

It's all about the swath

SIP Slovenia Hall: 20 Stand number: 370
It's all about the swath

SIP introduces new STARs in the field offering exceptional agility, high efficiency and flexibility.

In the world of raking, it's all about the swath, and with SIP’s new STAR rotary rakes, you can expect exceptional performance, improved efficiency, and greater flexibility, all designed to meet the demands of modern grassland harvesting.

SIP introduces a new generation of rotary rakes designed with precision and excellence. The STAR R 870|26 TC (8.6m maximum working width) and STAR R 930|28 TC (9.25m maximum working width) centre delivery rakes, offer robust and powerful solutions for maximum performance, ease of maintenance and operation. This new generation of STAR rakes fit the needs of medium to large farms and contractors, completing a range which also includes SIP’s largest double rotor rake the STAR 1000|30 T.

The STAR R 930|28 TC boasts a maximum working width of 9.30m and a capacity of 13 hectares per hour, catering to those with even larger operational demands. With this top-tier equipment, you can count on reliable performance in the field.

Both new rotary rakes offer variable working widths and a choice of specification level. Basic manual configuration includes mechanical swath curtain adjustment, providing reliable and essential functionality.

The H line presents the premium specification offering Hydro Pneumatic Suspension (HPS) and hydraulic rotor adjustment.

On the STAR R 930|28 TC, H line specification includes a central swath curtain ensuring the production of uniform trapezoidal swaths, regardless of the amount of forage. This central curtain stays in place during a partial lift of the rotors ensuring that a uniform swath is formed even when only one rotor is in work.

These advanced features ensure that the H line models deliver superior performance and adaptability, making them an excellent choice for achieving high productivity.

Rakes configured for side delivery are also available. In addition to hydraulic rotor adjustment and HPS, the STAR R 860|26 TS H comes equipped with Sequential Rotor Lift (SRL) as a standard feature, allowing operators to customise the delay in the partial lift of the rear rotor. This model has a working width of 7.20m producing a single swath or 8.61-8.65m when making a double swath. Output of up to 12.5ha per hour can be achieved.

The patented Z-drive PTO drive line within the STAR R 860|26 TS offers extended drive line lifespan, improved ground adaptation and enhanced comfort. The Z-drive allows for higher partial lifts to 500 mm, significantly improving the driving experience both over the swaths and on the headlands.

New Arch Design and Impressive 155° Turning Angle

A pivoting linkage with an impressive 155° turning angle (75.5° in each direction) integrated with a robust steering mechanism ensures maximum machine agility.

The rotor suspension and the 3D+ rotor linkage, in combination with SIP's patented triple-walking tandem on the rotor chassis, significantly enhance ground adaptation and tracking. This design ensures smooth operation without rotor movement on uneven terrain, further contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of our rotary rakes.

Advanced drivelines

SIP’s use of the proven concept of a Y-shaped central gearbox significantly reduces loads on the PTO shafts and ensures the following benefits:

· Extended drive line lifespan: By minimising PTO shaft angles, this technology enhances the durability of the drive line, reducing wear and tear over time.

· Improved ground adaptation: Larger rotor adjustment angles provide better ground adaptation, ensuring optimal raking even on uneven terrain.

· Enhanced comfort: The Y-drive allows for higher partial lift, significantly improving the driving experience both over the swaths and on the headlands.

These models complete SIP’s range of existing large central delivery rakes including the STAR 1000 and 1250 machines. The four-rotor STAR 1250 remains the largest central delivery rake in the range with the new 930 providing flexibility within the range for use in conjunction with this model.

The 930|28 TC H will be launched to the UK market at LAMMA, at the NEC Birmingham on 17-18th January. Machines will be available in the UK for 2024.

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