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05 Jan 2024

Receiver Driers - Why they really do need changing

AP Air Europe Ltd Hall: 7 Stand number: 620
Receiver Driers - Why they really do need changing

Also known as a filter drier, this part’s name pretty much says it all. Firstly, it is responsible for filtering out debris and particles circulating the A/C loop. By doing so, it helps to protect the evaporator and condenser from getting clogged up, and the compressor from damage and potential failure. Generally, one of the cheaper A/C components, the drier also contains desiccant which absorbs moisture and helps to prevent corrosion on the inside of the system. 

It’s important to remember the drier will do its job even when the system isn’t working, which is why you MUST replace it after you’ve opened the air-conditioning circuit. Failure to do so, will mean the moisture absorbed by the drier from the atmosphere will remain trapped in the closed system and after reacting with refrigerant and oil over time will cause corrosion. 

A drier contaminated by particles, flushing fluid etc...will be ineffective and will result in other, more costly components being put at risk. We recommend replacing the drier every 2 years, or whenever the circuit has been opened. Remember, if you don’t replace the drier when you change a compressor you will invalidate your warranty protection.

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