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02 Jan 2024

Oxdale - Airrex Diesel Heater

Oxdale Products Hall: 18 Stand number: 150
Oxdale - Airrex Diesel Heater
AH200i, AH300i & AH800i

The Airrex heaters (AH200i, AH300i & AH800i) can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world via the Airrex app.

With the advanced burner system, the Airrex diesel heater has a patented oil burner with an electric fuel pump that circulates the combustion gases through pipelines with ceramic coating and create heat as infrared radiation.

The triple combustion process ensures complete and clean combustion. normal ventilation is sufficient.

An effective silencing system inside the exhaust pipe compresses and expands the exhaust gases which makes Airrex very quiet – only 48 dB.

Touch control simple soft-touch control panel with led display and remote control. Fuel biodiesel, diesel or red diesel.

Mobile control included.

The AH-200i is suitable for spaces up to 900m³, The AH300i is suitable for spaces up to 1500m³ and the AH800i is suitable for spaces up to 2000m³.

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