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16 Jan 2024

Olly’s Farm takes on the Ranger Diesel Deluxe

Polaris Britain Ltd Hall: 17 Stand number: 670
Olly’s Farm takes on the Ranger Diesel Deluxe
After three months of getting to know the Ranger Diesel Deluxe, Olly from Olly’s Farm tells us what he’s been loving about his Ranger…

“Our new Polaris Ranger Diesel Deluxe has proven to be versatile on our family mixed farm, based in rural Norfolk. Operating across two main locations, which are five miles apart from each other, means we need something that can work just as well on-road as off-road and that’s where the Ranger came in.

“The Ranger Diesel Deluxe is better than I could have imagined, the daily checks of our 120 Friesian cross suckler heard and flock of 100 Shropshire ewes on the Norfolk Broads National Park has never been easier.

“Previously I had tried another brand with a diesel engine, however as travelling between the two locations is vital, I was disappointed with its capabilities on-road and its poor off-road performance when crossing wet ground in colder weather conditions. This isn’t the case with the Polaris Ranger.

“Running a diesel machine is very important to us as it means we can top up from the farm’s diesel fuel tank, rather than rely on a local petrol station. I found for a long time the petrol machines, I had tried, were far lighter and better off-road, now, that has changed. The Ranger Diesel Deluxe offers the best aspects of a petrol machine but in a diesel, the only way I can think they’ve done this is witchcraft and because of this, it has become one of the farm’s most valued machines. It’s now my go-to vehicle for everyday checking of livestock, and also whizzing up the farm tracks when I want to watch the crops grow. It really is a great farm tool, the best farm UTV on the market.”

For more information on the RANGER Diesel visit the Polaris Britain website.

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