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15 Dec 2023

NEW Sensors Range

CVH-OMFB Ltd Hall: 18 Stand number: 122
NEW Sensors Range
Seven Sensors Line

⚙️ OMFB News: introducing our new Seven Sensors Line ⚙️

It is with great pride that we present our latest addition to OMFB's robust range of hydraulic components: the revolutionary “Seven Sensors Line”.
Beyond our acclaimed products, this innovative line showcases smart sensors and transducers, specifically tailored for linear and rotative positions, as well as tilt measurement.


Stay ahead of the curve with OMFB - where state-of-the-art electronic technologies meet our unparalleled mechanical expertise.

Stay tuned for an in-depth look into our offerings and witness the evolution of hydraulic components!

Discover more about our Seven Sensors Line on our website:

And don't forget to contact us for information

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