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23 Jan 2024

Kubota supports Yellow Wellies Farm Safety Foundation with generous donation at LAMMA 2024

Kubota UK Ltd Hall: 12 Stand number: 330
Kubota supports Yellow Wellies Farm Safety Foundation with generous donation at LAMMA 2024
Kubota, a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer, handed over a cheque to the Yellow Wellies Farm Safety Foundation during the LAMMA 2024 event. The generous donation of £13,557.27 signifies Kubota's commitment to supporting crucial initiatives aimed at enhancing farm safety and wellbeing.

Over the past two years, Kubota has actively participated in various agricultural shows, showcasing not only their first-class machinery but also their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the fields. One of the standout initiatives has been the sale of exclusive merchandise - Kubota beanie hats and the newly introduced Kubota Hexby shorts.

What sets Kubota apart is not just the quality of their products but their genuine commitment to giving back to the community. With the sale of each Kubota beanie hat and Hexby short, a proportion of the takings was earmarked for charitable causes.

Kubota's commitment to charity extends beyond merchandise sales. The company organised a charity auction at a recent dealer conference, further exemplifying their dedication to supporting worthy causes.

The decision to donate to the Yellow Wellies Farm Safety Foundation aligns perfectly with Kubota's values. Yellow Wellies is a renowned charity that focuses on promoting farm safety, mental well-being, and resilience within the agricultural community. By supporting this foundation, Kubota is actively contributing to creating safer working environments for farmers and raising awareness about the importance of farm safety.

The symbolic handover of the cheque during the LAMMA 2024 event served as a moment of pride for Kubota and the entire agricultural community. It emphasised the company's dedication to making a positive impact, not just through their machinery but through their active involvement in charitable endeavours.

As the agricultural industry continues to evolve, it is heartening to see companies like Kubota leading the way in fostering a culture of giving back and ensuring the well-being of those who work tirelessly to feed the world.

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