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08 Dec 2023

Let us introduce you to our fantastic range of Farming Products

Orbi Packaging Hall: 10 Stand number: 530
Let us introduce you to our fantastic range of Farming Products

We understand the very specific needs of all our farming customers.  Thirty years of experience supplying farmers with products to fit all their bailing needs ensures we are confident in the performance and value for money of every product in our portfolio.  We know we can supply all you need to get the job done in the most timely and cost effective manner. 

Silage Film

Our Agri wrap is the best 7-layer European product currently on the market.  It can be supplied in a variety of colours including black, green and white and is a consistent quality for bale wrapping with high resistance to tears and puncture.  We offer a superior product at an affordable price – better quality film for better quality silage.



Our twine is produced using the latest available technology.  It is premium high-density which we guarantee will reduce your usage without reducing the integrity of your bale.  Hesston, HD and fine twines are available in a variety of traditional and XL spools. In short, we offer a superb quality product at affordable prices which will work well in all weather conditions. 



Our premium high-density net is available in a variety of sizes, our resin guarantees UV protection and our special knitting technology results in the highest quality NET.  Excellent loading strength offers extra bale density of hay, silage, straw, cornstalk and maze crops and it is easy to cut and recycle.  Our use of the latest technology means that lighter grams per meter save you money without reducing quality or performance.


Rest assured we are always at the forefront of all the latest technological developments in the industry so that we can provide all our customers with the very best products available at affordable prices. 


If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us on the below methods.

Special offer for January orders 10% of in season prices with code LAMMA24


Phone - 0121 308 8111

Email –

Web Chat – Below



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