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15 Nov 2023

HYPRO spray application technologies at LAMMA 2024

Pentair Hypro Hall: 9 Stand number: 618
HYPRO spray application technologies at LAMMA 2024
Cleanload Nexus is the closed transfer coupler for easyconnect caps

A range of pump technologies, nozzles, smart nozzle bodies and chemical transfer will be on display and our knowledgeable and friendly team will be on hand to answer all your questions.


The Cleanload Nexus closed transfer coupler was announced as the winner of the IAGRE Ivel Award for best new product or environmental innovation at LAMMA last year and will be available for sale in 2024.

This coupler been designed alongside easyconnect caps and proven in field testing across Europe over several seasons. Easyconnect caps will be seen on increasing numbers of agrochemical products from spring 2024 and soon become the standard packaging in Europe.


Cleanload Nexus is a manually operated mechanical device that will open a container that is fitted with a compatible cap, and quickly remove the contents (fully or partially) into the sprayer tank, then clean and reseal the container in a totally closed system.

It is the not only safe, reducing the risk of operator contamination but also fast and simple. It is already JKI-approved (ref G-2260) and meets the ISO21191 standard for agrochemical closed transfer devices. Closed transfer and will play a significant role in supporting the industry’s mission to reduce agrochemical exposure to people and the environment.


The Pentair Hypro ProStop-E Dual Nozzle body is a simple and cost effective way to enable individual nozzle control to eliminate overlaps and prevent over-dosing saving chemical. It features two pairs of nozzles, each controlled by an electrically actuated quarter turn ball valve on a manually rotatable turret.

This allows operators to manually select one of the nozzle pairs and then switch between them on the move (selecting A, B or A+B) to maintain control over droplet size, optimise spray performance and minimise off target spray.

ProStop-E Dual is ISObus compatible so works with many spray controllers to automate nozzle selection and increase precision application according to field maps. It is an ideal system to consider for both new and refurbished sprayer booms offering many of the advantages of more costly and complex systems. The Dual nozzle body is compact and its ball valve actuation is simple and reliable having been exhaustively life tested to ensure reliability.


Pentair’s agricultural pumps cover a full spectrum of agricultural spraying needs. The 9319 series of Centrifugal Pumps with Force-field wet seal technology offering flow rates up to 1177 l/min and is capable of up to 10.3 bar pressure making them ideal for high-speed spraying all in a lightweight, compact and affordable package now with the advantage of Forcefield dry- run protection.

Hypro high-capacity lightweight polypropylene Transfer Pumps are suitable for high-speed tank filling and other fluid movement with flow rates up to 1832 l/min.

For lower application rates self-priming roller pumps offer highly uniform output from 7 to 235 l/min and the Shurflo range of cost effective flexible diaphragm positive displacement pumps offers flow rates up to 23 l/min and self-priming capability.


Pentair latest range of nozzles offer industry leading performance on a wide range of targets whether you are looking for optimum coverage or maximum drift reduction.

Now available are all 6 sizes of the new 3D Ninety Nozzle, with 03, 035 and 04 being added this year. Developed in partnership with Syngenta the 3D Ninety  gives unequalled spray coverage for a nozzle in this drift class. It has been extensively field tested over the last 2-3 years and is recommended for a range of applications including potato blight fungicides and pre-em herbicide. Like the standard 3D nozzle, it should be alternated forward and back and can be seen in operation alongside the rest of the Pentair Hypro nozzle range.

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