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22 Nov 2023

HiSun UTVs for land-based college courses

HISUN Hall: 7 Stand number: 700
HiSun UTVs for land-based college courses
Students try out the HiSun Sector lithium-powered 15 kW UTV

Research has shown that electric vehicles are better for the environment, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars. This is also true for all-terrain utility vehicles.


Borders College’s Newtown St Boswell Campus is the first college in Scotland to purchase and deploy a fully electric all-terrain utility vehicle. The brand new HiSun Sector 15 kW lithium-ion utility vehicle is used daily to carry out practical learning activities as part of several campus courses, including Agriculture, Service Engineering, Gamekeeping and Landscaping.

Purchased as part of the College’s ongoing ‘drive’ towards sustainability, the top-of-the-range HiSun Sector 15 kW is a real everyday workhorse, with more power and torque to tackle the most challenging terrains. With the ability to climb steep slopes, the Sector 15 kW easily handles 45-degree inclines in forward and reverse. The lithium-ion technology batteries are designed for longer run times, and a single charge will keep the UTV working for a full day.

Charging the lithium-ion battery can be done overnight. With no battery change within five years, they offer longer battery life and can be charged from a standard 13-amp electrical supply at around £4.00, compared to 20 litres of diesel at around £30.00.

College Land-Based Service Engineer Lecturer Dave Black, one of the staff instructing students on the safe use of the HiSun Sector utility vehicle, commented:

“As a college that strives to be as sustainable as possible, we first came across the idea of an all-terrain electric UTV when we were delivering training on Knoydart and the Isle of Ghia, where both communities were starting to use electric ATVs.”

“After evaluating and testing several electric options, we found that the HiSun vehicle, supplied by the local authorised HiSun dealer Henderson Grass Machinery, Selkirk, met the needs of the College more than the others.”

Andrew Johnson, Rural Skills Development and Partnership Manager - “By educating our students on the benefits of technologies like electric vehicles, students are empowered and informed to become greater global citizens; skilled, confident and qualified about the importance of the need for environmental change.”

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