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23 Nov 2023

GS Greasing System Lubrication

GS Greasing System Lubrication
GS Greasing System Lubrication - York profile

For Eurocardan, being innovative means aiming for excellence by designing high-performance and reliable components.

The continuous search for technologically advanced solutions has led to the development of the innovative GS Centralised Lubrication System for cardan shafts; an innovation that also means being able to extend the time between maintenance interventions.

This revolutionary system is used to perform complete greasing of the cardan shaft through a single grease supply point and also to lubricate the crosses, ring nuts and the contact area between the pipes without the need to dismantle the cardan shaft.

This allows maintenance to be performed reducing unwanted machine downtime as the duration between interventions increases, allowing operators to work for more hours consecutively.

The GS Centralised Lubrication System is also used to lubricate the system more quickly as the operation can be performed even when the shaft is in the working position.

The Lubrication Process

The lubricant, pumped into the grease nipple next to the internal fork, follows a precise path inside the GS Centralised Lubrication System, flowing into the distributor and then into the cavities formed by the coupling of the Y-section York® type pipes, up to the holes drilled into the internal transmission pipe.

The holes are strategically placed to allow the lubricant to expand evenly between the contact surfaces inside the cardan shaft.

The Eurocardan GS Centralised Lubrication System is an innovative solution for the lubrication of cardan shaft systems.

The ability to perform complete lubrication without the need to dismantle the cardan shaft means maintenance can be performed quickly and easily, resulting in a tangible improvement in the efficiency of operations both in terms of time and economic resources.

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