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Why do farmers trust in Ovlac machinery?

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Why do farmers trust in Ovlac machinery?

Since the year 1936 farmers and companies related to the fields have trusted in Ovlac. Throughout all this time, the experience and knowledge acquired have been invested on making last generation machinery, contributing to make the most out of the fields, while we made easier its maintenance.

Nowadays, we´re a referent for the people working in the agricultural sector in Spain, thanks to the quality of our products and to our wide knowledge of the different kind of soils present in the spanish landscapes.

The key for getting here has been the tight relationship that we´ve always kept with farmers and users of our products. We know that the best advice is the one received from the proffesional that makes a living out of the earth, and it´s their critics and suggestions that make us stronger and better.

Throughout the years this relationship has become stronger, due to our strong belief in giving the best service to our clients. A service possible thanks to the professional team we have, our moderns facilities, to an ever-going investment in quality and innovation, and to the thrust of our international pressence.


1. A team full of professionals and modern facilities

Ovlac are a family bussiness -currently managed by its 3rd generation- that have a team of over 80 highly qualified professionals. We have a wide knowledge of soil-working and our key is to face the daily job with excitement and aware of the importance of agriculture in our environment.

We develop our labor in our facilities, located in Palencia (Spain): over 20.000m2 with last-generation building techniques and our own R+D department.

At this facilities we manufacture every year around 1.000 machines (ploughs, shallow ploughs, cultivators, discs and vineyard machinery), for national as well as for international markets.

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2. The quality and innovation in our products

Since our begginings, the commitment with quality is present on a daily basis. Each step and decision we make has the higher purpose of offering a reliable product that our customers can be proud of.

On one hand, our team of R+D makes sure that the level of technique quality on the designs of the products lives up to the expectations, as well as the purchase of HEL (High Elastic Limit) steel of the higher quality for its manufacturing.

Thanks to it, we have manged to be the first spanish manufacturer of soil-working machinery.

On the other hand, we´re immerse in a constant proccess of innovation, looking for the most advanced means of production. Is in this way, as specialists of soil-working, the sales team and engineers are constantly listening to the needs of our customers  and up to date with the new agronomic trends. This are studied in our technique department so afterwards they can be studied in our tehcnique department, personalized and applied to our machines.

Quality as well as innovation have made possible that, since our begginings, our machinery had evolved on its designs, efficiency, and rentability, being able to live up to the expectations of the most demanding farmers.


3. International presence

Our international calling began in the year 1997, when we decided to take a big leap and thrust the introduction of our machinery to foreigner markets. Ever since, we can say that we´ve been able to translate the know-how and experience acquired in Spain to other markets with great success.

Thanks to the trust put in our product and the excelent service that we offer, we´ve had a quick and succesful reception in the foreign markets. In fact, nowadays we have a wide network of distributors in different countries, being 60% of our production sent over to more than 20 countries in 5 continents. Markets as demanding and competitive as France, Germany or United Kingdom, or as far as ChileSouth AfricaNew Zealand or China, who are actually requesting our products.


We bet on the future

Here at Ovlac we have always looked forward, trying to get ahead  of the needs of the field. We face our daily work with illusion, awared that there´s no future without agriculture. And now our big challenge is to keep giving a hand for a global population -that keeps getting bigger- can be fed in a healthy and sustainable way.

Regarding to this situation, we´re currently working to push and ease the work with ecological agriculture. More specifically, with one of our more important range of products, the Shallow Mini Ploughs. A product for shallow tillage of high productivity, specifically designed for an effective mechanic control of plagues and diseases as an alternative to the massive use of phytosanitary products.


If you also work in the field, contact us and tell us what you need!

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